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Instalacje elektryczne systemów taśmowych – branża pocztowa


Solystic S.A.S.

Lokalizacja projektu

  • Finlandia Finlandia
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Zakres prac:

  • Instalacje systemów taśmowych
  • Konfiguracja tras i korytek kablowych
  • Prace związane z instalacją elektryczną kabli do silników, czujników i wskaźników.


“Kluczowym elementem jest dotrzymanie złożonych obietnic, którego nigdy nie zabrakło w naszej współpracy.” – Hervé Chapelant, Project Manager at Solystic S.A.S.

About the customer:

SOLYSTIC SAS w Bourg les Valence we Francji zapewnia kompleksowe rozwiązania i usługi intralogistyczne dla branży pocztowej i kurierskiej.

Interview with Solystic, 2019


“The crucial element is living up to the promise that has been made and this is present in our cooperation,” Hervé Chapelant

SOLYSTIC SAS of Bourg les Valence in France provides comprehensive intralogistics solutions and services towards the postal and parcel industries. Since 2019, they engage BIC Electric to carry out their assembly and installation jobs abroad.

Eryk (that time BIC) has interviewed Nicolas Sorbe of procurement and Hervé Chapelant of project management to gain insight into the peculiarities of both businesses and the mutual benefits.

BIC: What is the driving force at SOLYSTIC?

Nicolas Sorbe: Without a doubt, it will be innovation – nearly a third of our staff works in the R&D department – 150 people strive to listen to our customers, understand them, respond to their needs and anticipate them.

Hervé Chapelant: What we excel at is our optical character recognition (OCR) system that allows to digitize and process even unintelligible parcel labels, also when they are crumpled, smudged or dirty.

BIC: What do you expect from your suppliers and service providers?

Nicolas: I think flexibility, autonomy, and good skill set are important. The crucial element though is living up to the promise that has been made. If these are additionally accompanied by enthusiasm, good work-life balance for the employee, then we are looking at a successful relationship.

BIC: How do you rate our collabration in the light of the above?

Nicolas & Hervé: 😊

BIC: Why did you start looking for an external installation partner?

Nicolas: We see that it makes a lot of financial sense to engage an external partner that covers our peaks only when they occur.

Hervé: As SOLYSTIC moves into the parcels market, we have way more “out” projects – we now prefer to keep our own engineers “close to home” and place remote projects in the hands of proven subcontractors.

BIC: Can you tell me a bit about your plans for the future?

Nicolas: We certainly want to continue in our letter handling market, but there is huge potential in parcel – we are already making room for ourselves there. In 2020 we will be moving into a new facility in Valence that will help us further improve our communication and streamline our processes.

Hervé: Such developments are made easier when we know that we do not need to worry about field work.

Nicolas: We have long-term relationships with some of our service providers, lasting 15-20 years and we have good reason to believe that our both companies have a long future ahead.

Make sure to check SOLYSTIC’s website at: https://www.solystic.com

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