Inteligentny Rozwój

Education is the key for development

Education is the key for development and the solution to the challenges we face currently both on local and global scale!

„European populations are getting smaller and older, so, what do we do? Who will do the work?” is the main question raised by journalist Jakob Skaaning Hansen in Zetland’s article.

At Eryk we look towards Africa, with its huge potential: an ever increasing population, especially of ambitious and eager young people who are looking for a brighter educational future to create a better foundation for themselves and their families.

We all have our reasons to do what we do but we do not agree that „the only business of business is business”. A healthy company must make a profit, yes, this is a condition for its survival and ability to fulfil its roles, but we also have obligations towards our employees, business partners, the society and other stakeholders. We see a huge benefit for ALL in improving human capital in Africa by investing in training & education of the youth!

„We need talented people who want to become even more talented,” says Co-Founder & President of Eryk, Jens-Chr. Moller

Read or listen to Zetlands interview (in Danish language) with different Erykians, expressing their reasons, approach and visions – both African colleagues as well as the owners:


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